Will Cornyn Head the FBI?

Sen. Cornyn is one of Trump’s picks to replace James Comey as FBI director. Apparently the courtship is serious; he met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump over the weekend.

For all his geniality and occasional willingness to work with Dems, Cornyn would be a terrible choice to replace Comey, for one big reason: Russia. In his questioning of major witnesses into Russian hacking, Cornyn has bypassed substantive questioning in favor of Trump talking points.

During questioning of Sally Yates, Cornyn asked her about Trump’s Muslim Ban. (Watch the video below.)

During questioning of Jim Comey, Cornyn initiated the “interrogation” with a riff on Hillary’s emails:

ā€œIā€™m disappointed to see that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in the news yesterday, essentially blaming you and blaming everything other than herself for her loss on Nov. 8,ā€ Cornyn said.

Read full quote.

Cornyn used to take a hard line against Russia. But now he appears to say little more than White House-approved talking points. This is not who we want investigating the potential undoing of our Democracy, whether it’s on a Senate committee or as FBI head.

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Went to law school with Cornyn. There was a time he had honor and transparency. Those days are over. His choice of Trump over Country sickens me and millions of other Texans.

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