More Questions to ask John Cornyn


When will the Intel committee call Jared Kushner to testify?

From the Indivisible Project’s “Choose Truth over Trump on Russia”:

  1. I’m really concerned about the state of our democracy right now. The news about the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia gets worse every day, and now it looks like Trump may have engaged in obstruction of justice by firing Comey. The Department of Justice has appointed a special counsel to lead the investigation into Russia’s interference in our election, but that is not enough. We need an independent commission to get a full and more transparent airing of the facts.
    • [For Republican House Members] There is a “discharge petition” that would force a vote on the Protecting our Democracy Act (H.R.356), a bill that would establish an independent commission to investigate Russian interference. I know you also believe in protecting our democracy—this should not be a partisan issue. Will you sign on to the discharge petition?
    • [For Senators] Senator Cardin has a bill, S.27, that would establish a commission of independent experts to examine the facts regarding Russia and the 2016 election. Will you commit to co-sponsoring this bill today?
  2. With questions mounting about Trump’s ties to Russia, it is more important now than ever that we hold Donald Trump to his promise to release his tax returns. Until we see Trump’s tax returns, we cannot be certain that foreign governments don’t have leverage over the White House. Every president since Carter has released their tax returns for a simple reason: it demonstrates that they don’t have conflicts of interests. Congress has the power to get Trump’s tax returns… YOU have the power to make that happen. There is a bill called the Presidential Tax Transparency Act (for House Members, H.R. 305, for Senators, S. 26) that would require President Trump and future major party presidential nominees to release the three most recent years of their tax returns. This is a bipartisan bill in the House, with co-sponsors on both sides of the aisle. Will you commit to co-sponsoring this bill today?
    • [For House Republicans] Your party leadership is refusing to bring a vote on the Presidential Tax Transparency Act. You can force them to bring a vote on it by signing your name to Rep. Anna Eshoo’s discharge petition. Will you commit to making sure we get a vote on Trump’s taxes by signing on to Rep. Eshoo’s discharge petition?

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