Frequently Asked Questions

How does the stakeout work, exactly?

In general, the goal is to make it impossible for John Cornyn to access any of his seven offices without encountering questions about Russia. How each group achieves that, and how much fun they have with it, is up to them. We also insist on respectful treatment of our elected representatives and their staff.

How can I get involved?

Find a group of fellow Texans who can commit to being at one of Cornyn’s seven offices for at least an hour during the stakeout. There are lots of groups already involved, from Indivisible, Pantsuit, and loosely organized Facebook groups. Or you can start your own. Then email us at

Can I just show up?

Sure! But we’re not going to list the names of individuals on the website.

What if another group is already staking out the shift that I want?

There can be multiple groups per shift. More the merrier. Just do your best to ensure all shifts are covered before doubling up with another group.

Since a Special Counsel was Appointed, Are We Still Doing This?

Yes. Robert Mueller’s appointment as special counsel is an important, positive development. But the DOJ investigation’s scope is narrow compared to what the Senate Intel and Judiciary committees can uncover. (For example, ethics violations would not be included in Mueller’s probe, only criminal acts.) Besides, we can’t let Cornyn and other Republican members of Congress off the hook; they backed Trump and then stood idly by while democratic norms unraveled. Cornyn still needs to hear your voice!

The AHCA is a bigger deal to me than Russia. Why aren’t you protesting that?

We are. Vigorously. It’s just not the focus of this particular action. If you want to share your healthcare concerns during the stakeout, go for it! It’s also worth noting that Ted Cruz might be more vulnerable than John Cornyn on the AHCA. Cruz is up for reelection in 2018, Cornyn not until 2020.

Who organized this?

This is a project of Indivisible Austin.

I can’t get to Cornyn’s offices. How else can I help?

Here are three ways to help:

  1. Spread the word on social media, and especially to friends and family in Texas.
  2. Send donuts and other goodies to the protestors.
  3. Make a financial contribution to Indivisible Austin so we can organize more actions like this one.